*Individual accounts start from £30 for a 20 minute consultation.*


*We also offer great deals for Corporate Accounts and Group Accounts*



Please call us if you would like to set up an account to speak to a Doctor at a time of your choosing.



Talk to a doctor is very simple to use once you've set up your account:


1.    You call the number as provided by our support team


2.    You choose the option most relevant to your enquiry


§  Option 1 Child health


§  Option 2 Women's Health


§  Option 3 General Adult Health


§  Option 4 Men's Health and General Practice


3.    You get put straight through to a qualified doctor


It's as simple as that.


Callers can talk to Doctors from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them. No Waiting rooms, no receptionists, just a direct line to a friendly Doctor.



We also have a team of online doctors to answer online medical questions. Click on Doctor Directory to find out more.