Want Instant Medical Advice Online?


Do you want to ask a doctor a medical question online? We have a team of online doctors with different areas of interest ready for your questions. Our system allows you to choose a doctor specialising in a field relevant to your question. This is a huge step forward in remote medical care, making it possible for people to get direct access to answers to any medical questions they might have.


How does it work?

The service allows you to ask a question about one particular aspect of your health. The sessions take place using all or any of the following methods of online communication: Webcams, VOiP (voice), and instant messaging. You can choose to be seen or not and whether to see video of your expert, or just communicate by instant messenger. Your online consultation takes place via our secure login system. There is even a facility for you to upload a digital photo to help the doctor understand what the problem is, should you wish.


The Cost

It costs £1.00 per minute to have three exchanges with a doctor on a single topic. There are discounts for groups of questions.