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Now recruiting GMC registered Doctors licensed to practice in the United Kingdom for telephone, online and locum assignments.

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Who are we?

We are a fully licensed medical group committed to breaking down the barriers in the provision of healthcare information to patients.

With GP consultation times running at an average of 9 minutes (the lowest in europe), there is a real need and demand from the public to get better direct access to doctors: to assuage their fears, to answer their questions, to help them prepare for their next NHS visit.

At Talk to a we simply allow patients to communicate directly with friendly, experienced doctors for as long as they need, as often as they want.

What's in it for you?

Customers pay by the minute via their phone bill. You get paid by the minute for your time. You can work anywhere you like. Your privacy is fully protected. All calls are recorded as you would expect.

We are looking for doctors who are excellent communicators to join us in speaking directly to patients and answering  their medical questions over the phone. Additionally, you can sign up to get paid for answering medical questions online.

The Ultimate in Flexibility - turn downtime into cashtime

Receive calls at your convenience, and work from virtually every location. We use the latest in phone technology to allow patients to talk directly to a qualified doctor such as yourself. We guarantee your privacy - none of your personal details is ever released. Work as much as you like or as little as you like, at times to suit you. 

An old-fashioned principle, but a new way of working

Time and time again, surveys show that patients would like more time to talk to a qualified doctor. And this service is as simple as that: connecting patients with doctors when they want, for as long as they want.

Once you register with us, you can turn downtime into a valuable source of extra income. You could work full time, part time, or any time, it's up to you.

We aim to provide a way of working from the comfort and security of your own home, whilst offering payment potential in excess of hospital locums.

Medical parents, convalescing doctors, or just useful extra cash.

If you are a parent and medically qualified, working with Talk to a Doctor could be ideal for you.

With many experienced medical practitioners dropping out of the system when faced with childcare contraints, or loss of earnings on extended parental leave, we can offer a totally workable and productive option.

Work can now fit in around your family life, not the other way round. A rewarding experience, literally. Free from the time constraints of busy clinics, you can now give the patient the time they deserve.

Whatever your situation, make full use of your qualification and experience as a doctor, and help patients get the most out of their next hospital visit or GP appointment, all without the hassle of locum work.

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We are interested in talking to all doctors, regardless of speciality, who are good communicators. Register your interest by clicking on the button on the left.

We are now recruiting fully qualified GPs and hospital specialists at Registrar level and above who are Members of the relevant Royal College.

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or call our recruitment team on 0207 326 4268

At our Talk to a Counsellor service, we are interested in talking to all qualified counsellors.  Visit for further information.

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