Corporate Wellbeing - EAP

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Talk to Us is the corporate branch of our two services Talk to and Talk to a Using our innovating platforms for the provision of counselling and medical services, we create tailor made employee support packages for corporate clients.


The technology used to provide our existing services to members of the general public is adapted to offer our clients an unprecedented array of Corporate Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme facilities. We have a wide range of options which combine ease of use with peace of mind.


Our unique operation allows employees to feel truly valued and employers to remain in control of budgetary spend, whilst at all times preserving confidentiality.


Counselling Services

Telephone Counselling

We specialise in telephone counselling through our nationwide network. All our counsellors are full time professionals with a wide range of experience including:
Stress at work
Critical Incident debreifing
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Anxiety and relationship counselling

Online Counselling
We offer a 100% confidential online counselling service via a secure instant messaging system that includes audio and video functionality. The client and counsellor are engaged in an online counselling session for a fixed period of time, which can be extended if necessary. This service is often a popular option as an introduction to counselling, and for busy employees or those in remote locations.

Face to Face Counselling
For certain conditions and issues, the best form of counselling remains face to face counselling sessions. We are able to arrange this through our country-wide network of counsellors. We search our extensive database to find the nearest and most appropriate counsellor. Case managers provide reports on the progress made.

Substance Misuse Counselling and Detox
We work with leading providers of alcohol and drug detox programmes. We offer a wide range of services to help employees involved in substance misuse.

Professional Memberships
We are members of the Employee Assistance Programme Association, the International Society for Mental Health Online and are registered and
comply with the Data Protection Act.


Medical Advice


Telephone Medical Advice Line


24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our doctors are waiting for your call.


Your employees will be in the unique position of being able to get straight through to a UK based, GMC registered doctor, in the speciality of their choice.


We're focused on providing the detailed medical advice there's often no time for in routine GP and hospital appointment consultations.


Your employees simply ring us using a standard 0207 or 0800 landline number and access the service through a secure account login. Moments later they are presented with our Virtual Hospital.


The Virtual Hospital


The Talk to Us network gives people the choice to speak to doctors with a wide range of experience from general practitioners to hospital specialists, allowing clients to get the best possible care available. Your employees can choose to speak to a GP or doctor whose expertise lies in:
Child Health
Women's Health
General Adult Health
Men's Health
Surgical questions
Sexual Health
Sports Injuries


Online Doctors


Our online doctors provide answers to enquiries via our secure server.
This service allows users to upload photos, images or videos, and to
have a live video consultation if preferred. Users can chose from a wide
range of exerts from our Virtual Hospital


Absence Management


Why manage absence?


The 2006 CIPD Employee Absence survey reports an average per capita cost of absence of between 2005 and 2006 of £598 per employee.


As well as the costs of indiviudal absences, absence can:
put pressure on collagues
build a culture of absenteeism (absence indifference or entitlement mentality)
pose a compliance challenge
become more difficult to manage the larger the organisation


In addition, Health and Safety and duty of care responsibilities for employers have broadened meaning tighter regulations and more onus on employers.


Absenteeism is now a key focus for senior management with the potential to produce a significant impact upon operational costs and efficiency.



Our Absence Management System


Our Absence Reporting and Management system assists organisations to manage absence on a fair and consistent basis.


Our integrative approach provides effective support to line management and optimising the impace of the existing employee support services such as Human Resouces, Occupational Health, Health and Safety and Employee Assistance Programmes.


The key features of our system are as follows:


• A completely integrated absence reporting and employee health management system
  (Accurate data capture, comprehensive analysis, bespoke design)


• Supports all aspects of the organisation’s Absence Policy
    (Provides notifications, forms, referrals audit trail and monitors triggers)


• Potential for case management from day 1
    (Prompts effective interventions designed to reduce lost time)


• A tool to optimise the business benefits from the total employee health spend on benefits and support services
    (Signposting to relevant support services/benefits)


• Scaleable and efficient infrastructure
    (Experienced contact centre staff in a quality managed environment)




The programme has typically produced sustained reductions in absence rates of the order of 25% to 70% with the associated returns on investment of 7 times cost to more than 25 times. It has also been well received by employees, line managers and trade unions.

How it works

Our smooth and integrative service means the line managers can be assured that their staff have the best possible care.

Employee directed to report absence to contact centre (24/7 access)
Telephone questionnaire completed
Signposting to relevant support services
Work related sickness identified and reported to Health and Safety
E-mail (and other forms of communication) to line manager immediately post call with details of absence and required documents (eg. return to work form, self certification form etc).
All further stages of absence policy and process supported with prompts for action and required documents such as GP notes to Line Manager/Human Resources
Triggers monitored with automated reports of breaches to Line Manager/Human Resources together with documents/pre-populated letters to progress next stage of absence review process
Referrals to Occupational Health at pre-defined stage of absence


Occupational Health

Between employees with good health and employees with bad health is a gap in productivity of 20% or 7 hours per week.
(Institute for Health and Productivity, 2004)

Does your workplace have any notable health risks for employees?
Are your employees fit for their work?
Are your workplaces fit for employees?

Through our partner framework, we can help with:

• Pre-employment screening
• Health surveillance
• Sickness absence management and return to work programmes
• Health risk assessments
• Liaison with other health professionals
• Workplace adaptations for employees


Corporate Security

Talk to Us are pleased to offer corporate security services through our SIA approved sister company. We are fully licenced to provide event security and close protection security services. To find out more, complete the form below and we will be in touch.


Why Talk to Us?


Talk to Us is a unique service. When your employees call, our doctors and counsellors answer directly. There are no call handlers answering on their behalf. This allows employees to start talking to an expert immediately at a time of their choosing. There is no waiting for a doctor to ring you back at their convenience; doctors and counsellors are waiting for your call.

Continuity of Care

Every doctor and counsellor has their own PIN. This can be passed on to the employee at the end of their consultation. They can then be contacted again should the employee want to speak to the same person.

Our High Standards

Talk to Us has exceptionally high standards when recruiting counsellors and doctors and has an equally professional approach in terms of call quality and tracking. All calls are securely recorded and stored for mutual protection. As a result, the company was the first in the United Kingdom, and as far as we know it, the world, to be awarded a license to provide medical and counselling information in this way.

Talk to Us was awarded a license from the UK governing body in ICSTIS in February 2006, after the following organisations were independently consulted:

The General Medical Council
The British Medical Association
The United Kingdom Department of Health


Work with us

We are now recruiting GMC registered doctors from any speciality licensed to practice in the United Kingdom. For more information click here

We are now recruiting qualified counsellors who are members of BACP. For more information click here

What's in it for you?

We are looking for doctors and counsellors who are excellent communicators to join us in speaking directly with clients over the phone. Additionally, you can sign up to get paid for offering online sessions. You get paid by the minute for your time. You can work anywhere you like.

The Ultimate in Flexibility

Receive calls at your convenience, and work from virtually any location. We use the latest in telephone technology to allow you to be available for clients who want to talk directly to a qualified doctor or counsellor such as yourself. Work as much as you like or as little as you like, at times to suit you. Get paid promptly. There is no minimum commitment, it's free to join and there are no fees.

Once you register with us, you can work full time, part time, or any time, it's up to you. Earn as much as you like, when you like, with no commuting and no practice overheads.


For all Corporate Wellbeing - EAP queries, advice and quotes please contact us directly via the Contact us section.