Job Title: Court Assessment Service


We are looking for HCPC/NMC registered paramedics, nurses or EMTs to complete court assessment tasks. Taylormade Medical Service have secured a contract which gives paramedics/nurses/EMTs a brilliant opportunity to earn extra income.

We provide medical staff nationwide to attend courts in order to perform an assessment of a custodian with a view to either treat on scene or refer/discharge.

The client initially calls a doctor where they will be asked details by the receiving practitioner. These will then be passed onto the medical coordinator who will look to assign a medic. The medic has to respond to the court call within 2 hours.

This is an ad-hoc job and medics will only be called if they are available to attend court. Therefore, you are not required to leave your current employer.

What we offer?

You will be paid £100 as a call out fee which incorporates travel costs and the first hour.  If you are at the court longer than 1 hour you will be paid an hourly rate for each additional hour after the 1st.

The additional hourly pay rates are:

Paramedic: £15.00 per hour

Nurse: £15.00 per hour.

EMT: £14.00 per hour


No additional training is required as long as medics are HCPC/NMC registered.  However, you will undergo an interview and vetting process.

If you are interested or any questions please email: recruitment@TAYLORMADEMEDICAL.CO.UK