It is becoming increasingly common for people to seek information and advice on tattoo removal.  Although a tattoo may have been carefully considered at the time, our tastes and bodies change and we may come to regret the decision to get one.  Although there are various methods of tattoo removal they are often slow, painful, expensive and not always effective. 

The aim of treatment is complete removal with minimal scarring.  There are different types of tattoo such as amateur, professional, cosmetic, medicinal, and traumatic and this can have an impact on how successful therapy may be to remove it. Other factors also need to be considered when evaluating a tattoo for removal including its size, shape, colour and location but also the age and skin type of the person.  Many methods of tattoo removal have been tried but with varying degrees of success and at varying costs.  The best method is with laser treatment but it is also the most expensive.

Tattoo removal is not usually available on the NHS but there are exceptions to this such as if the tattoo is a result of trauma inflicted against the person's will or if the person was not competent to make the decision to have the tattoo.  Exceptions are also made if the tattoo was inflicted under duress during adolescence or disturbed periods and it causes a significant problem for that person to function in society.  The vast majority of people will have to pay for their tattoo to be removed.

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