As a part of the natural ageing process the amount of fat and collagen below the surface of the skin reduces and subsequently skin can begin to sag.  In addition, lines develop through repetitive use of certain muscles on the face.  An increasing number of people are now aiming to change this pattern and reverse or delay the visible signs of ageing.  Previously, surgical techniques were the only way to attempt to rejuvenate the appearance of the face such as through surgically tightening the skin in a process commonly known as a face-lift.  However there is now a much wider range of options that are less invasive, cheaper and have much faster recovery rates.


One option is the use of dermal fillers.  The general principal that these work through is by injecting an agent into the skin to plump up the tissue giving it a fuller look.  This can help to fill out wrinkle lines and sagging skin.  There are many filling agents available.  One of the newer types available uses hyaluronic acid in an injectable gel that aims to lessen the signs of ageing and enhance natural looks by restoring skin volume.  One commonly used brand of this is Restylane.


Before treatment is undertaken there should be careful consultation with an experienced doctor.  The medical history, general health and age of the patient plus the site for treatment and the effect desired all need to be considered when deciding on the best treatment option.  Hyaluronidic acid fillers seem to be effective for many people often with good results achieved.  It is however expensive, needs frequent follow up treatments and there are possible side effects that should be fully explained before treatment is started.


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