It might seem a good idea at party to try a "trip", but whether magic mushrooms, ketamine (also known as Special K) or LSD is your poison, there may be longterm problems resulting from your quick hit.  Whilst it seems like these agents only became popular in the 1960s, in reality they have been popular since the Aztecs, and even earlier, when they were used to induce a spiritual experience.


Common features of hallucinations can include changes in perception of time, colours being enhanced and more interesting than in reality, a sensation that inanimate objects are actually moving, and a feeling of unusual clarity of your thoughts.  Occasionally a "bad trip" can occur where the effects induced by the drug are less positive.  They can include feelings of paranoia, fear and unpleasant physical sensations.  This can also lead to severe mental problems such as an episode of psychosis.  Any underlying psychiatric illness like schizophrenia or manic depression can be made very much worse by using hallucinogenic agents.


With this type of drug your behaviour can change and you might do things that you would not normally do.  You are extremely vulnerable to other people and the environment around you when under their influence and physical and emotional results can be long lasting. 


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