Hair loss in women is very upsetting and causes great anxiety and embarrassment.  It is also however very common and there are a variety of different causes for it and it is important to remember that some causes of female hair loss are temporary.  There are many treatments available and these depend on the cause of the hair loss, however these therapies do not always give satisfactory results.  The first step in considering a treatment option is determining the cause of the hair loss.  This should involve visiting the GP to discuss family history, diet, stress, medications, and general health.  Referral to a dermatologist may be necessary to get a definite diagnosis.

As with myths related to reasons for hair loss there are many miracle cures offered that do not seem to be based on strong evidence.  Although possibly embarrassing, discussing the problem and possible treatment options with a doctor could be very important in finding an appropriate therapy.

In the cases where hair loss is thought to be temporary, measures such as hair thickening products or a wig or a scarf worn over the head may be sufficient to cover the problem until hair growth resumes.  In other cases medical therapies or even surgery may be considered.


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