Hair loss for women is very upsetting and causes great anxiety and embarrassment.  It is also however very common and there are a variety of different causes for it and it is important to remember that some causes of female hair loss are temporary.  There are many treatments available and these depend on the cause of the hair loss, however these therapies do not always give satisfactory results.


The commonest cause of hair loss in both men and women is called androgenetic alopecia.  The pattern of baldness is different for men and women with females usually experiencing a general thinning of their hair with the greatest loss on the top and at the sides of the head.  Other causes of hair loss may be related to stress, another illness, cancer treatment (chemotherapy) or very poor diet (malnutrition).


There are many myths surrounding hair loss which are simply not true, for example hair loss being related to over-washing or brushing, hair dyes or perms, or wearing a hat or wig.  Plaits worn tight to the head can cause damage to the hair shaft and subsequent hair loss and as there is a strong genetic element, hair loss tends to run in families.


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