Drugs in this group often come in a form comparable to tablets that you might get from the doctor or chemist shop, but the fact that you may recognise them as tablets does not make them any less harmful. The amphetamine family contains a number of different chemicals but broadly includes traditional amphetamines (some milder compounds were even used as diet pills), modified amphetamines like MDMA or ecstasy which give you a slightly different high, or very rapid acting, strong agents like "Crystal" or metamphetamine.


Amphetamine type drugs work by increasing the amounts of excitatory chemicals in the brain, leading to feelings of euphoria. The mix of chemicals released varies between drugs leading to different feelings depending on which one you use.  One feature common to all of them is that severe reactions can occur unpredictably after only one or two doses, leading to high temperatures, multi-organ failure and even death.  In addition, long-term psychiatric damage and organ damage can happen over a period of a few months or years.


These drugs frequently have unpredictable physical and psychological effects and for this reason their abuse is illegal.


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