Cocaine comes from the Coca plant, a shrub native to the Andes, Mexico, West Indies andIndonesia.  It has been revered since Inca times when leading figures in society were buried with bags of Coca leaves.  The reality of cocaine use in Britain today is very different.  There are now many addicts of both cocaine and crack cocaine.


A major attraction of cocaine is that it is rapidly absorbed through the mucus membranes of the body.  When taken through the nose, a euphoric high occurs within one to three minutes.  When smoked as crack cocaine the high occurs even more quickly.  Cocaine is toxic to a number of body systems.  The heart and blood vessels are often affected and heart attacks and abnormal heart rhythms have occurred as a consequence of cocaine use.  Mental problems such as anxiety and psychosis can also occur.  Smoking crack cocaine can cause permanent lung damage. 


Even after one dose a degree of tolerance occurs.  This means that to get a similar high a greater and greater dose of the drug needs to be taken.  The drug is very addictive and it can quickly become a physically, emotionally, and financially crippling habit.  This drug is illegal for very good reason.


If you do have a cocaine habit then the earlier you stop, the better.  Support through this time is important and can be offered by your GP or support groups.


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