Cannabis is a drug of abuse which is persistently in the news - grandmothers have been jailed for making cannabis puddings, politicians admitting to use at school, or ever younger children using the drug.  It is often used to illustrate that the fabric of society is falling apart.  You might be surprised to know that the first archaeological find linked to the use of cannabis has been dated to 2500 BC in China.  Various medicinal properties are claimed for cannabis, but broadly its use can be divided between those who use it for its effect on mood, and those who use it for relief of pain and muscle spasm.


People describe a benefit with cannabis use in some serious neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.  However it is much more commonly used by people for the possible effects of euphoria and relaxation.  These do not always occur and sometimes a person will experience panic or paranoia.  The long term effects of use are even more worrying.  It is associated with higher than average risks of male infertility, mental illness and some cancers. 


Research continues into finding a safe way to use the drug as a medication for pain and muscle spasm relief.


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