Excessive consumption of alcohol is extremely common. The habit of a couple of pints of beer every night after work can with time easily become something you cannot do without. Even drinking on only a couple of nights per week, perhaps a Friday and Saturday, may not be enough to avoid alcohol damage to your body particularly if you drink your full weekly allowance, or more, in binge sessions on those two evenings.


Unfortunately the group with the fastest growing alcohol problem is the young.  In the same way as people do not perceive smoking to be harmful when in their twenties, they often have the same opinion about alcohol. The problem is that binge drinking can lead to both short term and long term medical problems.  These can include difficulties with personal safety, particularly for women, in the short term.  Sustained alcohol abuse can cause irreversible liver damage in the long term. Symptoms of this may only appear in the later stages of liver failure when it is much too late to do anything about it.


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