If you are interested in a tummy tuck it is likely that you have been working for a while at the gym, and striving hard to lose weight. You might be a woman in her early or late thirties who has had a number of children, perhaps even by caesarean section, or you may have just been quite overweight and slimmed through exercise and dieting. Whatever your route to this article, the simple truth is that even by exercising and dieting hard, many people are left with a stubborn area of fat which is hard to shift around their lower abdomen. Ladies who have undergone multiple caesarean sections particularly suffer from this problem as their abdominal muscles are weakened by multiple incisions.


You might think that the tummy tuck is an operation which has only really reached popularity during the late part of the last century and the early part of this one, but actually the first procedures for taking away excess skin and fat from the tummy were described in 1899!


As with any surgical procedure there are people who benefit most from a tummy tuck and specific advantages and disadvantages which need to be properly discussed. You should not consider any operation lightly, but many patients are very satisfied with the results of surgery.



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