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Many men will feel anxiety about the size of their penis at some time in their lives.  This anxiety may be short lived but for some people it is persistent and may have an effect on relationships or activities where the man may be seen naked by others such as showering after sport.

Penis growth starts between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.  Firstly the testicles enlarge followed by development of the pubic hair and then the penis lengthens and finally widens.  The penis stops growing about one to two years after a male stops growing in height.  Penis size and shape varies man to man and can be difficult to assess accurately.  Men looking at their own penis may misjudge their penis as smaller than others that they see as they are looking down on their own from above.  Obesity will also make the penis appear smaller because it can be buried by excess fat and can sometimes completely disappear from sight.  Thick pubic hair can cover the penis and therefore make it look smaller and cutting this may solve the anxiety issue.  Studies published regarding penis size may not be accurate if the results are relying on people measuring themselves.  The results will usually over estimate penis size and make a person who is already concerned about being too small feel even worse.

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