Baldness is very common and affects both men and women. Traditionally it has always been thought that it occurs much more frequently in men, but in reality this view is probably only perpetuated because women are much less likely to be open about their hair loss than men.


The commonest form occurs when hair follicles are over sensitive to testosterone, the male hormone, this leads to thinning of the hair on the front and the top of the head in men. Other causes of hair loss include alopecia areata which is associated with autoimmune diseases like diabetes, some drugs like those used in chemotherapy to treat cancers, and severe systemic illness.


There are a number of treatment options for hair loss in both men, including shampoos and lotions which thicken hair, surgery that transplants hair, medications either in tablet or lotion form and the use of hair pieces to cover bald areas. Do not despair, whatever the cause of your hair loss is, it is likely that something can be done for you.



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