It seems like an easy option, after months or years of intensive dieting and rebound weight gain, a visit to the surgeon, and removal of substantial amounts of fat via liposuction, almost like dieting in a day. You may also have worked hard to lose weight and have fat which has become impossible to shift, on the lower abdomen, on the outside of the legs or saddle bags or on the bum itself, in which case removal via liposuction becomes the answer of last resort.


The first point to make is that liposuction isn't a minor procedure. It involves multiple small cuts over the areas to be treated and the insertion of a blunt rigid suction tube under the skin. A large volume of fluid containing a small amount of a drug called adrenaline to reduce blood loss introduced under the skin, the suction tube is used to disrupt the fat underneath and then the fluid containing the broken down fat cells is sucked out. Recently, ultrasound has been used to assist breakdown of fat prior to it being sucked out using the tube. Once the ins and outs of the procedure are explained, for some patients, dieting or living with a few unsightly bumps may be preferable.


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