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Pick up your phone and get straight through to one of our friendly UK-based, GMC registered doctor!


Please call us if you would like to set up an account to speak to a Doctor at a time of your choosing.

Talk to a Doctor is very simple to use once you've set up your account:


1.    Call our 24/7 medical advice line number with your account details

2.    Choose the option most relevant to your medical question

          §  Option 1 Child health

          §  Option 2 Women's Health

          §  Option 3 General Adult Health

          §  Option 4 Men's Health and General Practice

          §  Option 5 Remote Medical Support

3.    Get straight through to a qualified doctor within seconds!


It's as simple as that.

Please call us on 0207 326 4268 to set up an account today! 

*Individual accounts start from £30 for a 20 minute consultation.*


Callers can talk to Doctors from the comfort of their own home at a time that suits them. No Waiting rooms, no receptionists, just a direct line to a friendly Doctor.


We also have a team of online doctors to answer online medical questions. Click on Doctor Directory to find out more.

You can also access our list of health information lines that give you essential information about the Swine Flu outbreak and other common medical conditions. Click on Health Articles for our full list.

Our new Video section features back exercises, as well as videos on breast and testicular self examination (Soon to be uploaded), and will also show the features of a meningitis rash.

And if you need emotional support, you can also look at our sister service, www.talktoacounsellor.co.uk

If you are an employee and would like this service to be made available to you by your employer, please ask your human resource department to contact us: quotes@talktoadoctor.co.uk.

We have packages to suit businesses of any size.

Talk To A Doctor